Why does it take so long for a Zodiac sign to change?

There are varying estimates as to the time it takes for the earth to complete its transition from one Zodiac sign to another. A very old source giving the instructions of how to observe the change from the sign of the Twins to the sign of the crab gave the coordinates that determine the change, and what to expect. This led to the investigation of the more recent change from Pisces to Aquarius.

So, when did the sign change? Or is it still in the process? You be the judge. Here are the coordinates as viewed in Carte du Ciel, a free star chart viewer, and instructions on how to read it.  Jubilee Spring

The most obvious object is the gray square with the coordinates, date, and controls. This can be hidden when using the star field, but is left visible to show the date the sky-shot was taken. The date in this screenshot is the day of Spring in 1938 on the Qumran Jubilee calendar. It repeats in the year 1943. All the other dates have the diagonal line in a different location.

Then, starting with the background, there is a lighter blue area. This defines the borders of the Milky Way galaxy. Notice that it does not align with our equatorial axis. That is because, according to astronomer’s latest findings, earth is actually a member of an outer arm of the Lesser Sagittarius galaxy, which is some 53 +/- degrees offset from the Milky Way, and is in the process of passing through it. All galaxies are mostly space, just like the atoms that make up our physical furniture. One estimate was that, if all the matter in the entire universe was to collapse such that there was no space in it, the size would be small enough to hold in one hand. The rest of the Lesser Sagittarius galaxy is so far away that we can’t see it from earth without a telescope.

There are several brown spots in the graphic. The large brown spot with three stars in it on the slanted line to the lower right is the “keyhole” through which the black hole in the center of the Milky Way can be seen when the weather is clear. That slanted line that goes through the star “Scutum” is our marker. It moves. The vertical line in the center of the graphic does not move. it is the 180 degree mark in the Zodiac.

Now download the pdf file, open it up, scroll down quickly, and watch the marker line move back and forth over the 180 degree vertical line as the years change. This is the variation marking the functional changing from one Zodiac sign to another, and why it takes so long to move from one sign to the next without jumping back over it in another Spring.

The pdf file is a series of screenshots for the named day of Spring in the Qumran calendar for the years 1900 to 2007. If ancient signs of the transition are correct, the transition from Pisces into Aquarius began in 1695, crossed the tipping point in 1798/1803, and concluded in 1900 AD/CE when Marconi’s radio transmission was heard in New York City.

Everything about the Qumran calendar is based on, or in, astronomy in some way, either directly or indirectly. Nothing is left to guess-work, tradition, or mythology.