When Will The Remnant Return?

We have established that the 10 northern tribes were gathered in a location other than the Middle East. We have defined the most common characteristics of the individual members of the 10 tribes. The next question is, when will the remnant return to the Middle East?

We are clearly told that the time counting forward is an adjustable number. It won’t happen until all factors are in place. The adversary cannot be forced to do all the things he will be permitted to do on a timetable. Counting back, however, is a different story.

When the clock does start, these are the predicted events on a determined timetable.

The tribe of Judah that are in the land will be in dire financial straits at the time of the starting of this clock. Their enemies will be poised to eradicate them from the earth. The people will be destitute and frightened. The site of the temple will still be paved with flagstones, as it is now. A prophet will appear in Israel and cause a king to be anointed beside the grave of Rachel. His name will be Joseph, and he will be from the tribe of Ephraim, the United States of America, the fulfillment of “until Shiloh comes…” Shiloh was the name of the location where the tabernacle of the ark of the covenant was located. It represents the return of God’s government over Israel.

King Joseph will do three things upon being anointed. He will open Israel to the returning remnant of Northern Israel; he will rebuild the international trade that was centered in the Phoenician city of Tyre, both by ship and by rail; and he will order the temple to be rebuilt.

Three days later Israel’s enemies will attack, but like the T-shirt says, “Please attack us, we need the land.” When the air clears from that war, the borders of Israel will be Turkey on the north, the Euphrates River on the east, Egypt on the south, and the Mediterranean Sea on the west.

It will take 3 1/2 years to re-build the temple, and the day it is dedicated, the second invasion of Israel will begin, bringing on the “time of Jacob’s trouble” for the next 3 1/2 years.

During all this time, from now until the end, drought will be tightening its grip on the entire world. Only Argentina will have the rainfall necessary to produce fresh fruits and vegetables. These will be so scarce that they will be issued only on prescription from a physician everywhere in the world, then only in limited quantities. The rivers of the earth will dry up one by one until only the Jordan remains. It is the only river not fed by snow melt, and the snow will be sparse and polluted beyond use from the wars.

The Adversary will promise the world’s population that he will cause the rains to return if he is made the world emperor. The leaders of the world, including the Sanhedrin, Israel’s Congress, will believe him, and the result will be the beheading of King Joseph and 60 of his government heads of departments on the temple mount. The Adversary will then sit on the temple mount as king of the world, but he will not be able to bring the rains. The people who put him in power will realize their deception and drive him out of Jerusalem. He will flee to Bosra, but will be captured and killed there. When the leaders who put him in office have finished killing him, they will look up and see the Destroyer, a ball of iron ore covered with burning tar, coming down in a close pass to earth. There will be an earthquake that will level a significant portion of Jerusalem, including the temple, as the Destroyer passes overhead, killing much of the population as the buildings topple. There will be two other massive, mountain-flattening earthquakes before the Destroyer lifts off earth and continues its journey back into outer space, changing the negative ionization of earth’s atmosphere from negative to positive, and allowing peace to settle in over the people who are left alive.

That’s when the 1,000 years of peace will begin, bringing all the other positive and good prophecies into reality, and relief to all of earth’s creatures, plant, human and beast.

So, to answer the question posed, when a king is anointed over Israel, there are only seven years left before the Destroyer arrives, pushing the “reset” button on planet earth.