Tyre is Still the Best Deep-Water Port in the World

It’s just currently under water, that’s all, and it’s about to be re-built.

Remember the Silk Road? Well, there is a new version being built, and it’s covering the entire world like a spider’s web.

Parts of it will be elevated high-speed rail lines that rival air freight speeds from one end of each continent to the other.

Parts of it will be sea routes that converge in Tyre.

If you look at a map of the world, a Y-rail line will connect all of Africa to Tyre. The European nations will be served by another Y-rail line that feeds into Tyre. Another Y-rail line will connect the major ports of China across land, merging with one that serves all if India, terminating in Tyre. Yet a third Y-rail line will connect all of the Americas to the great ports of Mexico and Brazil to sea shipping lines that converge in Tyre.

Tyre is the hub of all world trade. It is only a matter of time before the infrastructure is built that makes that operation possible, and it is speeding on its way to fruition.

When it becomes operational, the world will see a boom it trade that covers ever nation, city, and rural area to the rest of the world, and the world economy will explode with wealth.

It’s coming, and the re-gathered nation of Israel will be the operational center for it.

Wait and watch. See if this is true.