To Kaldarhan A. Kambar

In response to your article entitled “KAZAKH NATIONAL CALENDAR By Kaldarhan A. Kambar” posted on, there are great similarities between this calendar and the Hebrew sun-based calendar in use before King Solomon introduced the moon-based calendar, which probably occurred about the same time as this model was modified as a result of Queen Semiramis of the first building of Babylon and the first empire that covered all the territory from the Euphrates to the Indus Rivers, including all the “…stans”, which she imposed on all her holdings.

Since you are already familiar with intercalations and the irregularities of the orbits of the solar system bodies, that subject will be assumed rather than addressed. The primary focus will be on the contents of the leather bag, which was very familiar to me due to its similarities to the “peg-board” versions of the sun-based calendar as found in the caves of Qumran in Israel and found on many kitchen walls of the people. (A full description can be found at, if you are interested in more detail.

Here is a graphic of this peg-board.

Here is a commented screen print of the contents of the leather bag.

Calendar Similarities Matrix.jpgYour calendar goes all the way back to before the great flood, when there were only 288 days in earth’s year, then was updated with additions and intercalations as the earth’s characteristics changed. It is actually older than the Hebrew Jubilee calendar, which was only designed after the flood, when earth had been knocked into its present orbit, changing the Zodiac to its present configuration. (A descriptive color booklet describing the present-day configuration can be downloaded free of charge from the link in the middle of this page for your convenience There is no charge for anything on my web site, so feel free to rummage around among the items there.

At one time earth had a calendar of 12 months of 50 days each with a week containing only 5 days and no days considered special except the 50th, which was reserved for a harvest festival. You may find remnants of that calendar in the circles as well.

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