The Jews Are Not Israel

The Jews are not Israel. They are only one tribe of the 12 tribes. Here is the way the division works.

When the land was divided, Judah was allotted a southern-most portion, then Simeon was given a portion within Judah, completely encircled by Judah, with no border to the other tribes or outside nations. Solomon’s death signaled the division of the nation into two parts: the upper 10 tribes that retained the name Israel due to their being led by the sons of Joseph, who received the inheritance that was handed down from Abraham through their grandfather Jacob (“Let my name be named on them…”), and also included the tribe of Benjamin, even though their boundary passed right along the edge of the Great Altar on the temple mount, including part of its foundation. The southern part consisted of Judah and Simeon, with Simeon having no choice in the matter because of their geographical location inside Judah.

When the prophecies are read carefully and correctly, they never prophesy that Israel, the northern 10 tribes, will return to the Middle East. Instead, they read that “only a REMNANT” of the northern tribes will return simply because the land could not contain the entire population, which would be “as numerous as the sands on the sea-shore…, as many as the stars in the heavens.” That tells us plainly that the place of their re-gathering would be somewhere outside the Middle East.

They also say that the inheritance from Abraham would be divided between Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s two sons. The only time daughters inherited was when the man had no sons or close male relatives to receive the inheritance, then those receiving it were required to marry within their father’s tribe so ┬áthat the land would not pass from one tribe to another. Joseph’s daughter was omitted from the inheritance for this reason, though we are not told who, if anyone, she married. The prohibition against marrying first-degree relatives did not come into effect until the 40 years wandering in the wilderness, so the custom of marrying an uncle or first cousin was probably followed.

As long as the fledgling nation was inside Egypt, Jacob split the leadership of the group between Joseph and Judah. Joseph was given the leadership over their external enemies “until Shiloh come”, while Judah was given the leadership of the internal affairs of the people. This division ceased on the day the Exodus began, with Moses in he position of king over both functions, and Joshua, a direct descendant of Joseph, as his second-in-command. Joshua became king over the nation upon Moses’ death, to be followed by other members of the tribe of Ephraim for a period of time, then the nation was ruled by judges from various tribes until Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin, was anointed king. The only time a member of the tribe of Levi, or of the priesthood, became king was during the days of the Bar Kochbah rebellion against the Romans in the 130s A.D.

When the nation split in two, it was Judah who started the wars to gain political power over the northern 10 tribes, using the temple as one political tool and the inheritance that ceased with the Exodus as the other. They never gained the supremacy, and never will. Their kingship under the descendants of King David are limited to the southern tribe of Judah. Simeon lost all separate identity during the Babylonian Captivity, just as Jacob’s curse on him and Levi at the time of Dinah’s kidnapping and their destruction of the city of her kidnappers had provoked him to curse. Levi and Simeon are scattered among the other eleven tribes (Joseph’s sons are counted as separate tribes, making a total of 13 in all) to this day, with many of them not being aware of their separate identity.

It was not the 10 northern tribes that returned to the Middle East in May of 1948. It was only Judah and Simeon, the southern nation of Judah that returned, and they returned in exactly the year that their exile was predicted to end. That means that the northern 10 tribes were also gathered, beginning in the year their exile was scheduled to end, into the land they inherited from Abraham. Where is that land? Count the years of the exile and check the secular history books. They were officially taken captive when Samaria was defeated in 722 BCE. Count twice 1,260 years, the time of their exile, and it comes to 2,520 years. Now subtract 722 years for the BC date from that number, and you get 1798 AD/CE. Check the history books. That’s the year Napoleon sent his army and captured the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, brought him to southern France, where he died in prison in 1800. That leaves two ambiguous years.

What happened in 1800 AD/CE? Napoleon was resting from war. Spain was quietly relinquishing her colonies in the “New World” to Napoleon as spoils of war, and the leaders of the new nation commonly called America sent an envoy to Napoleon to secure the Louisiana Purchase. Napoleon needed the money to continue his war in Europe, so a price was agreed upon, the arrangements were made, and in 1803 Congress appropriated the money to consummate the deal. The United States was officially born.

There is a mighty advertising campaign against “British-Israelism”, but no one has yet been able to prove it wrong or without foundation. Do your own research. Decide for yourself. Are England and America the regathered tribes under Manasseh and Ephraim? Can you prove it one way or the other?