The Astral Internet

Our Internet is not the first. In fact, the original has connected every solid object to its star, and every star to the other stars in the heavens since stars came into existence. This internet consists of “pipes” made of alternating sheaths of neutral atomic particles forming tubes through which positive and negative particles are exchanged by wave transfer simultaneously.

These lines attaching the planets to their stars are called ley lines, the central point on earth of which is under the great pyramid on the Giza Plateau of Egypt. South Africa is a treasure trove for anyone wishing to study them. The strength of these connections is dependent upon the angle at which they attach to each other. The closer to the edge of a round body, the greater area it covers and the weaker the signal is perceived, being “watered down” by the larger foot-print.

The “pipes” or diallel lines, come in different sizes that carry different frequencies of sound, because the entire universe is driven by the energy waves associated with sound. Check out the sounds of Jupiter and the other planets in our solar system on YouTube for some understanding of their differences. It is these sound waves that connect the planets. When they are in synergistic phase as Jupiter is, they are said to be positive. Saturn and Mercury are said to be in dissonant phase with humans on earth, making any connections produce destructive consequences when the foot-print is concentrated but less troublesome when it is spread over a wider area.

This effect of the astral internet affects all life in general, from the king who often is killed in battle to the clam that lives in water and has no brain to speak of. The idea of applying it to individual human beings is of recent origin, and is dependent upon the belief of the subject in the method, as those are the ones whose brain wave patterns synchronize with the planets that had the smallest footprints at the time of their birth.

People are capable of synchronizing their brain waves with other energy sources of other frequencies by practice and consistency, the better known of them likely being the masters of the martial arts today, but were typically called prophets in ancient times. Their brains are and were synchronized with the sound associated with the center of the universe rather than their local environment.

The design of the Zodiac has taken these changes in strength of external forces into consideration in its design, while persons with private motivations have tried to apply them to individuals in the form of astrology with mixed success, when the original design called for them to be applied to nations as reflected through the kings of those nations.

We have entered a new (to us, previously experienced about 24,000 years ago) area of the universe in which these psychic abilities are enhanced by the stronger external forces, and the prophecies say that communications through telepathy will become common.

We are entering interesting times indeed.