Sinkholes Precede Massive Earthquakes

The number of sinkholes appearing all over the earth is increasing, both in number and size. There were no sinkholes of an consequence as recently as the 1950s, so something has changed, but what?

The earth is getting ready to expand again. For proof that expansion is a normal function of our solar system, look at Neal Adams’ web site to see his beautiful graphics of the earth, moon, Mars, and others as he shows how they fit together perfectly, then, on the earth graphic, shows how the continents open up to allow for the oceans to form. This expansion of the diameter of earth is starting, and will continue for some time.

There are a few questions to answer. The first is where the water for the oceans came from. The answer is outer space. Several tons of various particles fall to earth every day, some of which is moisture which we see as dew on the grass in the mornings. This dew has different properties than the normal water found in rivers and streams, and lacks the salt found in the oceans.

The second is, if there is no subduction, where did the mountains come from? From the same processes that makes bread rise. The earth buckles on top at the same time caverns of equal size form below them. The land on the surface is expanding beyond their former size as the diameter of the earth remains stable between sporadic expansions, causing the upper land portions to buckle upward and downward.

Then, through a series of world-wide monstrous earthquakes, the diameter of the earth shifts to accommodate the pressures of the buckled areas, causing the mountains to fall flat back into their caverns, releasing that pressure. The seas retain their form through the weight of the water on the land under them. This has happened many times during earth’s millions of years of history.

This process can be seen in its active state through Google Earth focused on the Horn of Africa, which is splitting from the continent to become an entirely separate island, with numerous articles available on the Internet about the progression of this event and its effect on the local population.

The Great Rift Valley begins in the Indian Ocean, goes northward between the Horn of Africa and the continent, north-west through the Red Sea, turns true north at the Gulf of Aqaba, across land to the Dead Sea, up the Jordan Riven to just east of Jerusalem, where it forks in two directions, one leg going went under the Mount of Olives and continues into the Mediterranean Sea, which is so broken up with fault lines that it gives the appearance of shattered glass. The eastern leg continues up the Jordan to the Lebanon Mountains.

There is an active earthquake zone that runs south-west through Homs that has been studied such that the earthquake “track” has been identified sufficiently to predict where the next earthquake center will be and its magnitude. This activity can be studied by researching the many Internet sites covering the major devastation caused by the Homs earthquake.

Similar fault lines can be found in multiple locations, usually running north-south, less often east-west, particularly along the “ring of fire” volcano lines.

This modern theory follows along the same lines as found in the Book of Revelation, a very ancient book written by Daniel, the one “closed up and sealed” within symbols that was among the writings limited to only a select group of priests until the Christian community was able to access it and changed the attributed author to John. Nothing is repeated in that writing. The earthquake that is delineated three times are three different earthquakes, all of magnitude 10 or greater on the Richter scale, strong enough to flatten the mountains back into their caverns and decimate the earth’s population by the tidal waves they will generate, the falling of buildings, and the fires the destruction will ignite along the oil and gas pipelines that spread from there across massive areas as wildfires.

The wind generated by these massive shifts will rise to over 350 miles per hour, causing devastation in wilderness areas. The shaking of earth’s crust will cause volcanoes where volcanoes were never recorded before, and the ash will devastate large areas. The last time these volcanoes erupted in such great numbers, the ash hung just four feet off the ground for 40 years, as recorded in the legends of the Native Americans associated with the Hopi, who are a colony from the Atlantis disaster with an oral history that goes back far into per-history.

There will be no “safe place” to get away from the devastation, although some people will survive in distant places around the world, as they did during the flood of Noah’s days. The flood before that, as recorded in Genesis 1:1, was a total devastation of all living things. This will not be quite that severe, but, according to one writing, “there will be fruit on the trees, but no man to eat it”, the population will be so reduced.

This is one event that the sun-based calendar found at Qumran is of no help whatsoever, and when it occurs, the Qumran calendar will need to be re-calculated, as the orbit of the earth will change, adding more days to the year.

There have been seven of these “earth resets” documented in Hebrew legends, five in the Maya legends, and three in other legends. The famous “end of the Mayan calendar” that was scheduled to happen about this time, and the exact date varies by who is doing the conversion from Mayan to Gregorian dates, points to this series of upheavals beginning, and it has proven correct. There were possibly greater explanations in the Mayan writings burned by the Spanish that will never be available to us. These writings were handed down to them by their ancestors who went through the last earth expansion so had some experience with it. Some of the Hebrew writings that are still hidden may have further details, but may not become available to the public.

Sinkholes are just the indicator of the beginning of the end of this age. The only defense against what is about to happen are courage to remain calm even in the face of death and the will to stay alive.