Should Women (or Men) Wear Make-up?

This question is a burning issue in some fundamentalist organizations, so let’s look at the issue from the ancient perspective.

The ancient Egyptian women – and men – wore paint around their eyes. They did this because the paint contained an ingredient that kept the flies away so they wouldn’t lay their eggs in the eyeball causing “river blindness”, which still strikes several thousand person each year today. Is this to cause them to be alluring to the opposite sex, or is it based on sound reasoning?

Women wore coverings on their heads when they went out of the house. So did men. Even in the United States, up until World War Two, when the material for their hats became critical to the war effort. Why? Because the sun alternates between burning hydrogen and helium. When it throws a yellow light, it’s safe to go with your head uncovered, but when it throws a blue light, the ultraviolet rays penetrate the thin human skull, causing brain tumors. A layer of almost any fabric or straw will absorb the rays, preventing their penetration into the human skull. Animals are going blind due to the bright blue-white light being given off by the sun today. It is no longer yellow, the color that causes relaxation and promotes socializing. Both “road rage” and brain tumors have sky-rocketed in the past decades. Should we go back to wearing hats? That decision belongs to the person who owns the head.

The people in “Bible times” used olive oil on their skin and hair. The extreme derision of this practice during the height of the Italian immigration caused the practice to cease. Olive oil is high in vitamin E that keeps the skin from aging due to exposure to the sun. We have substituted sunscreen lotion that has been proven to be totally ineffective of its objective and obtained at exorbitant prices, for the relatively inexpensive olive oil. Follow the money. Also try it on your arthritic hands and knees. It soaks right in to the joints and lubricates them. The modern version of olive oil (out among the country folk) is WD-40. It works on tractors just as well.

The people in ancient times made, and wore, perfumes from “essential oils”. Perfumes are now frowned upon as “tools of the devil to seduce innocent partners”. That may or may not be true, but it also keeps fleas, ticks, lice, and other similar critters away. Try some prepared lotion containing essential oil of almost any kind, tea tree, lemon balm, your choice of fragrance, on you dog instead of the very toxic chemicals and see if they get ticks. If so, try another one until you find one that works. It won’t take more that half a dozen fragrances to identify one that works.

Women in ancient times wore their hair down until they married, then they kept it pinned up on their heads. They didn’t use wedding rings, their bound-up hair served as their wedding ring. Ditto for men’s beards. Joseph shaved before he went in to see Pharaoh because he was unmarried. Later his brothers didn’t recognize him because of his full beard. He was married and a father by that time. How did he keep “critters” out of his beard? He used essential oils on it, of course.

Face powder came into common use when it became common knowledge that miller’s daughters had beautiful skin and no pimples. City women began buying miller’s dust to put on their faces to absorb the extra oil and get rid of their pimples. The matte finish was a bonus.

And that’s just for starters.

Check out your favorite make-up to find out what it’s history is. You might find using the original item would be worth the cost of obtaining it.