Scrolls at Qumran Listing Priestly Courses

There are three links on this page. They contain translations of documents found in the caves of Qumran relating to the priestly courses and when they occurred, linking them in some cases with the year of the Land Sabbath or other significant and known dates. There were other pages giving the dates of specific feasts/festivals according to the sun-based calendar. Both sets of documents played a large part in the reconstruction of the sun-based calendar which is the subject of this site and which is prophesied to be reinstated when a king is anointed over the returning remnant of the ten tribes of northern Israel.

Cycle of Priestly Courses By Year

Cycle of Priestly Courses By Jubilee

Cycle of Priestly Courses 1-6

These pages were downloaded from a site that existed on a website provider that went out of business long ago, and were specifically marked as not copyrighted. The original site is given at the bottom of the pages on which they occur. The calendrical files will be posted at a later date, provided they have survived the hazards of multiple computer crashes, Windows upgrades, at least one computer fire, and they lend themselves to being found among 10 terabytes of data with no known desktop search that actually works by reading the inside of files as well as file names. Meanwhile, here is the one file I could find at this time.