Ley Lines are the Fabric of Space

Ley lines on earth are relegated to the “woo-woo world” of UFOs and conspiracies, but is this appropriate?

In one way, yes, but in other ways, it’s holding us back from greater space exploration.

Ley lines are extended on into space in the form of diallel lines, pipes made of atomic particles layered according to their positive, negative, or neutral electrical change that network the entire universe together into the “universe-wide web”. This makes up the fabric of space, which is not a vacuum or empty, as physics once taught. If that were true, there would be no “horse-head nebulae” in space, or any other of the beautiful photographs send back from the Hubble Space Telescope. Neither is space dry, or we would not be receiving literally tons of space dust and water, which scientists have been documenting for multiple years.

Just as the Internet is a matrix of connections in every conceivable direction, so is space woven together by these electro-magnetic “pipes” in all directions, every body with any sort of charge connected to it is connected to every other body by these lines. These lines have physical characteristics that can be measured. Here are seven of them.

  1.  Location in space. This would take into account their association with any galaxy or lack thereof.
  2. ¬†Space-time. This is actually a measure of velocity through space, which accelerates or decelerates according to the influence of other bodies to which the diallel lines are attached. The speed of light is not fixed by measurement: it is fixed by definition. The “old way” was to measure it across several time spans, then average it for one number. This process was changed when the numbers did not remain constant, but fluctuated, causing the public to ask unwanted questions. It also introduced errors into calculations that use the speed of light within their formulas.
  3. Inherent electro-magnetic intensity. This is basically a measurement of the amount of iron content generating electro-magnetic currents by its rotation against space particles, just as the human heart generates “magnetic personalities” by the hemoglobin in the blood rubbing against the rich iron content of the heart’s walls.
  4. Proximity to other electro-magnetic bodies. How close is Jupiter to Saturn? The spacing of our planets is a mathematical formula. They can be neither closer together nor expanded, but must stay in their mathematically assigned orbits.
  5.  Characteristics of space dust in their vicinity. The larger the particles, the greater the effect. The thicker the dust, the more distortion in the numbers.
  6. Density of inert rocks (“space diamonds”). There are such things. There are also “space pearls”, which have formed without the help of oysters. The large space diamonds will act as filters for the diallel lines that they intersect, permitting on the units compatible with their crystalline structure to pass on to the next body.
  7. The intensity of positive and negative intentionally-generated brain wave forces in contact with objects. The most famous one is the rod that Moses raised when he parted the sea. Actually, Aaron was the one that used it up until the parting of the sea, when he had some doubts that weakened the force, so that Moses had to use it himself. Anyone who doubts that intentions can be transmitted should travel down a dark alley in a shady side of town at 1 am in the morning, and see if they can “feel” when someone’s intentions toward them are not good, even when they can’t see the intender. I’ts real. Ask any police officer or fire fighter.

Time as we know it here on earth does not exist outside our earth, as it is simply a way to track the rotation of our earth in relation to the position of the sun. That makes it a sub-set of space-time, which is variable. Have you ever experienced a day that seemed like it would never end, or, conversely, a day that shot past at the speed of a bullet? Time itself is variable, and has been documented to be so by flying aircraft at high altitudes carrying extremely accurate time measurement devices which can be calibrated to a fraction of a second. It’s not all in your imagination or perception. It actually exists.

These are the factors behind the Zodiac. What humans have attributed to in in the way of shaping destinies is not the fault of the Zodiac, but of the people. It simply tells us which astral influences are strongest in our particular location at this particular point in time. If Argoyl is directly overhead spewing it’s negatively-charged particles toward your head, you may want to stay indoors, but if Jupiter is up there smiling down, a moon-light stroll might work for you. A large part of it depends on your intentions toward other persons, places, and things and the place of the majority population around you on the fulcrum in relation to the tipping point.

Or you could just ignore the whole thing and go about living your life like everybody else. It’s your choice.