“I Will Put You Out Of My Sight…”

The people of the northern 10 tribes were emptied out of the land, not by captivity, but by choice.

The prophecies given to Moses were not for captivity, but to be emptied out, which indicates the element of choice, not to be lost, but to be hidden, not to be exterminated, but to be persecuted, as described by the iron pans of Ezekiel. Notice that there were two iron pans. One was for the northern 10 tribes, the other for Judah.

There were to be no iron implements used to construct an alter to be used to sacrifice to the God of Israel, the stated reason being that iron is an instrument of death. Putting this together with Ezekiel’s pans, the persecution is to be centered around death, which was certainly the case with the Jews in the past 100 years, but what is not brought to the world’s attention is the number of Christians being killed for their faith. There are church doors being nailed shut, then the church set on fire, killing everyone inside. There are gunmen entering the churches and massacring everyone inside it. There are individual deaths of Christians along roads in Africa. There is imprisonment under terrible conditions in China, where Christianity is outlawed. And there are churches in the black communities in the American Deep South where black Christian churches are constantly being burned to the ground by white Christians.

This makes no sense, because, if the Israelites were sifted through all nations as prophesied, Africa represents a huge number of nations to be sifted through. The means of their entry into America has no relevance to their ancestral origins. The fact that they were sold into slavery meant that the leaders who sold them knew that they were not originally members of their own ancestral families, but strangers who had settled among them and worn out their welcome by staying too long under ever-tightening environmental constraints.

How do you identify an Israelite? “Mumble, grumble, growl and gripe, you are an Israelite.” and, “When two people have three opinions, both are Jews.” No wonder the receiving nations wanted them out. They longed desperately for the return of social peace among themselves. Even the God of the Israelites called them “stiff-necked”, and wearied of them so deeply that he put them out of his sight, behind his back, and out of hearing range just to get a little peace for a while.

And the anger of the God of Israel has not cooled yet. That will only happen after the remnant of the northern 10 tribes returns and makes yet another mess of their situation, resulting in the destruction of the third temple, the execution of their Ephraimite king and 60 of his highest government figures on the temple mount in fulfillment of the Feast of Atonement, the appearance of Moses and Elijah to witness against the Anti-Christ who does the executing, and the appearance of the end-time Giselle (Dorcas) to upbraid the Anti-Christ, and her execution on the temple mount. Only with the execution of Giselle will the anger of the Eternal be cooled, the earth will experience the third of three great world-quakes, the Anti-Christ will flee to Bozra in an attempt to take a ship to another continent, only to be captured and killed there, and then the Destroyer will appear and burn all the followers and government officials of the Anti-Christ into white powder.

When all of these things have been completed, the third world-quake will have opened up the Dead Sea and drained the Mediterranean into the Great Rift Valley, turning the Mediterranean Sea into dry land and healing the Dead Sea, the mountains will have been sunk back into their caverns, allowing the rain clouds to travel their courses without hindrance so that the rains return to every land on earth in moderation, and the world will be in peace for the first time since the great flood of Noah’s days, fulfilling the prophecies of the lion being friends with the lambs and children safe from harmful creatures of the fields.

And the God of Israel, the originator of the Qumran calendar, will re-establish the laws regarding the land Sabbaths, the laws of social justice, and the laws of the heavens and their movements for a period of a thousand years, until the Destroyer returns again, bringing every kind of evil and disruption back to earth, only this time the burning hunk of tar-covered iron will be redirected into the sun where it will be burned to a cinder and never disturb earth or any other astral body again. Then peace and plenty will return to the spiritual world in the dimension above this clay plane and peace will be established in all of God’s kingdom as well as here on a new spirit-dimensional earth that will replace this current one in the process of renewal.