How to Read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac

How to Read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac

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In order to read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac correctly, first it is necessary to know what it looks like, how it is constructed, and how it moves through the heavens. This starts with why and when it was designed.

The Zodiac has 360 degrees divided into 12 thirty-degree “signs”. These signs are further divided into “decans”, or 10-degree segments having a sub-sign of its own. This is analogous to the year having 12 months with each month having three weeks, then each week having 10 days. The decans are constructed so that their leading star is seen for the first time on the night when the decans change. The ancient shepherds in the fields knew what day of the month it was by which star in which decan was on the horizon when night fell.

People have been playing around with the Zodiac ever since Noah got off the ark, adding figures and taking figures away, so the next task is to find out which figures were there in the beginning, and how they were lined up. Finding the count is easy. It’s 12 x 3 decans plus 12 signs. That totals 48. Now to discover which were the original 48 figures. That’s also easy.  Take a piece of transparent paper, lay it over a world map, and match the figures to the outline of the land areas. This can only be done if the Zodiac is seen from space, not from earth, so be sure  you put the Zodiac between yourself and the map of the world.

On the macro level, the 12 signs also represent religions. The first sign found in literature was the princess sisters over India. They were a member of the giants, so were served as lesser gods (as compared to the Creator God).

The flood of Noah’s days occurred in the sign of the crab, with its cities completely under water today.

The Apis bull of Egypt is fairly well known in history, followed by the Ram, which was used for sacrifice in the temple at Jerusalem.  Less well known, or at least connected to the incident of the  party Moses found when he came down from the mountain was the worship of images of the bull. The tribe of Aaron became the official priests under Moses because they took up their swords and killed all the dancers who were worshiping the golden (bull) calf. That incident marks the fulcrum point of the change-over from the sign of the bull to the sign of the ram. These two signs were originally one of two “dual” or double signs that were split when earth’s orbit expanded by 60 days. (The other one was the Scales and Scorpio.)

The fish is known by everyone who is familiar with Christianity and the adherents’ flights for safety into the “new world” from every nation in Europe.

We are now into the sign of Aquarius, identified as an “air” sign, and, considering the number of wireless phones, seems appropriately labeled. Science is the official religion, with Christian churches being attacked and congregants murdered in almost every nation on earth today, including the United States, where church-burning in the Deep South has been going on for decades. Religion changes with each sign.

Now for the details.

Each feature of each figure has a meaning. Wings are always over water. This makes sense, because any creature that is above the surface of water has to fly. It’s simply too far to paddle with their feet unless they are a species that doesn’t migrate, which most water foul do.

Bones in a figure are always over hills or mountains. Aquila’s backbone is over the Rocky Mountains of the United States. Its outstretched wing bone is over the Appalachian Mountains along the east coast. Aquarius’ backbone is over the Andes, and the Shepherd’s (some erroneously call him the charioteer) backbone is over the Ural Mountains. The Zodiac map doesn’t cover all the mountains, as the Himalayas aren’t called to notice at all. That is because the map was drawn by Peleg for Noah to use in his division of the land between his three sons who were born before the flood. Noah’s 32 children born after the flood were placed under the care of Shem as the priest of the family.

Each area has a picture of the type of life found there. The eagle is the picture covering all of the United States, because that was the primary location of almost every breed of eagle on earth. The shepherd is found in an area that is good for grazing, but little else. The two fishes are found in the Atlantic Ocean, as is Cetus, the deadly sea monster. Snakes are always a sign of deadly dangers in that area of the world.  For instance, the Kalahari Desert in the south of Africa has a snake that buries in the sand to avoid the hot sun, then strikes at anything that comes close to its location. It is so deadly that its victim dies within seconds, even camels and other large livestock.

The horse, Pegasus, is an example of action combined with geography. It pictured the greatest migration by sea the world has ever known across water, so the horse, a means of transportation, was given wings. The snake coiled around the north pole received the same treatment, because he is located mostly over water.

The lion-skin shield held by Orion pictures the Sahara Desert’s lifeless existence at a time when it was covered with lush growth. This points to the dual use of the sky map as both a map to be used for the division of the land, and, at the same time, prophesies the future conditions that will exist. The Sahara under the dead lion’s skin was once the breadbasket of the entire known world. This changed when two circumstances changed. The first was the rise of the mountains along the west coast of North Africa, and the second was the defeat of the inhabitants whose conquerors sowed the land with salt to make it barren.

There are several human figures in the Zodiac. The Water Carrier (Aquarius) is of interest, as it has been our current sign since 1900 CE.  The Virgin, Virgo, was named after the Giant who developed grains for humans to eat, so Spica is a bundle of wheat in her hand, directly over the Solomon Islands, which got their name from the ships that Solomon sent to the west coast of South America for cargoes of gold and silver. The ships would stop there as their last call for food and water before crossing the ocean. Aquarius, the water-carrier, was pictured where he is located because he supplied fish to the people of Europe and North Africa during the last empire-collapsing drought or they would have all died of starvation for lack of water to grow crops. This severity of drought is cyclical, as are all weather patterns on earth, and when it comes again, the only place that will have sufficient water to grow crops will be Venezuela. This water will come from the snows high up in the Andes Mountains that are fed by the heavy rainfall generated under the man-horse, Sagittarius, in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru.

Both Sagittarius and Scorpio are above volatile under-water volcanic fields that will become so active that the ocean will become impassible because of the horrific storms these under-water terrors stir up. A similar situation will evolve in the Atlantic Ocean, but for a different reason. When the hot winds of the Sahara run off Orion’s foot into the cold ocean air of the face of Cetus, the hurricanes that are stirred up will travel north, devastating both the east coast of North America and the Atlantic Ocean. Travel above the collar of Cetus will become impossible across water or in the air. The only safe crossing will be from the horn of Africa to the southern coast of Venezuela which is under the extended foot of Aquarius, and that will become the life-line for food for all of Africa and Europe, where the only river that will not run completely dry will the Jordan, which will only be sufficient to provide drinking water for all of Israel. It is estimated that the source of the Jordan River is 32 miles beneath the surface of the earth, and so is completely independent of melting mountain snow for its source of water. The greater majority of earth’s rivers are dependent on that source. No rain, no snow, no melting snow, no water for the rivers.

Following on with reading the Jubilee calendar Zodiac, it is only for the guidance of national leaders, not for individual prognostications, although the astrologers of India have recovered enough of the procedures from the ancient writings to have pieced together a good part of the ancient methods. The most accurate in the English language is P. V. R. Narasimha Rao, who lives near Boston. He has written software to do the calculations necessary to account for the precession difference between 360 days and 365.2422 days in a year that can be downloaded free of charge from . Just be aware that there are no words in the English language that are equivalent to the original language, which a person must learn in order to do the calculations or run the software.

Reading directly from the Zodiac, we are now well into the sign of Aquarius, which will only last a short time, then be replaced by the Goat-fish, Capricorn – his ancient name was Pan, as in Pan-ama, Pan-America and so on. This figure is a goat with great horns and the front feet and chest of a male goat, coupled to the belly and tail of a fish. His front part is over the Panama Canal, and his back parts are over the Caribbean Sea with Cuba under his tail fin.

When the disastrous drought is finished, the world will move into the goat part of this figure and a time of peace and plenty, as reflected in his lounging position on the calm water of the Pacific side of the world map. He has a star at the tip of each horn, reflecting the freedom of knowledge and prosperity, and his legs both in reclining positions. A goat always represents a king, and in this case, a wise and caring king to his people during a time of peace and plenty.

You can download the entire Zodiac description with graphics in full color by clicking on this link



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