DNA Testing and the Iberian Peninsula

There is a growing movement for people to get their DNA tested, and the results are coming back with some interesting results for persons among the exiles of Israel.


Why do obvious “white” persons have a small percentage of DNA from the Iberian Peninsula?

Because of the Phoenician mixture that has been going on since Joshua led the children of Israel into the Promised Land.

Iberia is not Spain, and Spain is not Iberia genetically. Neither of them have anything to do with the “black” Moors that invaded and ruled the southern part of Spain for decades.

Iberia is the Israelite Moreno population that converted to Christianity in order to be able to stay in Spain because no other country would accept them. It was convert or die. Those who thought to appear Christian outwardly but keep the laws of Moses secretly were the reason for, and target of the Spanish Inquisition. Remember, Christianity is the one consistent marker of the northern 10 tribes that retained the national name of Israel, not the southern nation of Judea. The conversion to Christianity, although not voluntary, was destiny.

The other part of Iberia is Portugal. When Carthage fell, as many of the residents of Carthage who had the means to flee, fled to what is Portugal today and continued their seafaring traditions, ruling the seas until the English became dominant.

Recalling information in previous posts, the Phoenicians were the soldiers and servants of Abraham who were robbed of their flocks and herds that sustained them and their families by Esau while Isaac was blind and bed-ridden and Jacob was working for Laban to gain wives and herds of his own. The “tell” is that the Phoenicians were circumcised, the other descendants of Aram were not, specifically the Philistines and other “sea people”.

Knowing that marriage between the Phoenicians and the Israelites, who were distant cousins, was common among the people all the way up the social ladder to their kings, it is not surprising that there is a small component of their genetics still in the DNA of the dispersed Israelites.

Neither is it surprising that not all Israelites are white. They were “sifted through all nations” and intermarried with all races on earth, transmitting the dominant darker pigmentation of their marriage partners to their children. The “black” Ethiopian Jews are a stark warning to all Christians that skin color is skin deep, nothing more. Christians, all Israelites, come in all colors.

Assuming that Iberian means “black” Moors is false. Further, the lighter skinned residents of northern Africa have been documented by DNA to have originated in the area of Israel, so it would be necessary to do DNA testing on the burial sites of the Moors in Spain to determine if they were descendants of Ham (Africans) or descendants of Shem (whites and therefore Israelites). That has not been done. To ascribe the Moors to any specific tribal history is impossible without this data.

Iberian DNA will likely become the genetic marker of the dispersed descendants of northern Israel once the change-over from Christianity to the religion of scientific data, which will prevail for the next 1,260 years, is complete and Christianity is as much of the past as the Egyptian Apis bull.

Iberia is not black. Iberia is Phoenician/Israelite. It is not in the DNA vocabulary at this point in time.