David’s Personal Bodyguards Were Phoenician

Phoenicia was a state without a country. Its superiority was the water, all waters, salt and fresh, all over the known world, so that when the Sea People invaded Egypt, the writings named their places of origin separately. They also left pictures, and those pictures identified the origins by their head-dress. What was not written in the annals of the wars was that the entire earth was in a cold dry period that lasted about 100 years, and the people all over the earth that depended on rain from the skies which didn’t come were starving to death by the hundreds. Egypt watered their crops by irrigation, so there was food in Egypt, and that is why the sea peoples attacked, to get something to eat for their families, which many brought with them, something that simply does not happen under any other conditions. The Egyptians understood this and settled the survivors along the shore of the Mediterranean just north of Egypt, then built a fortified wall along the stretch of land that bordered Egypt.

This naming of places that are largely unknown to us today explains why, when the bodyguards protecting King David are identified, their places of origin are not anywhere near Israel. David had learned through 20 years of being chased around by Saul that nobody in Israel was to be trusted, but that the king of Tyre had been faithful in all his promises. David contracted with Hiram for all his personal protection, and they served him well.

In exchange, David opened all of Israel to Hiram, the trade in the cities, the roads and way-stations for his caravans, safe passage for anyone connected with Hiram or his traders, the entire country. This courtesy was extended by Solomon, who built caravan stations along the silk road that he controlled, with lodging, food and water for both humans and animals.  In exchange, Hiram provided David with cedars for building both the temple and his personal dwelling, gold and silver in abundance, iron for nails (it was very rare in those days: most building was done with dowel pins and pegs), and plans for the temple, including the rotation of priests, which has been traced back to the earliest temples in Egypt and guarded by the Egyptian priesthood, and just about anything else that David needed.

Everything that Solomon needed to build and operate the temple was in place by the time David died. There was no way that amount of wealth could have been obtained had he not partnered with Hiram in world trade. That dominance in world trade by Israel will again be centered in Tyre when the remnant of the northern 10 tribes returns to the promised land.