Calendars and Science

It’s easy to be led down the wrong path by thinking that the calendar is so old that it can’t possibly be useful today. I have personally tracked it for over 20 years, and the seasons have changed within two days of the four named days on the calendar. It was not originally my idea. This whole project started after I started riding the Autumn Leaf Special train excursion put on by the Atlanta chapter of the railroad society, who used it to schedule this event. I didn’t believe it then. I do now that I have the science to back it up. Some of those factors will be presented in future posts. If you are bored with the sticky details of scientific details, feel free to skip over them.

The last major update to the Qumran calendar was made by King Hezekiah of Judah after the earthquake in Uzza’s days that changed the location of sunrise by six degrees, resulting in the priests’ having to place a golden mirror on the gate of the defensive city wall in front of the temple to redirect the ray of sunlight so that it touched the back of the temple wall inside the Holy of Holies on the day of Spring. I have read that they subsequently disassembled the entire temple, corrected the foundation by six degrees, and put the whole thing back together so as to be able to take the mirror down. Whether that is true or not, I cannot substantiate. All I know is that the particular gate in question standing today is built on one that is far older than it.

As to whether the platform is the original temple mount, there are several factors that indicate that it is, but that is a subject for the next post.