Blue Sun, Yellow Sun

Back in the days when women in the United States made their own cotton sun bonnets, they said they wore them whenever they went out for any more than a few minutes because the sun had two phases, a blue phase and a yellow phase. The yellow phase was safe and crops and cattle prospered, but the blue phase was a big problem. The crops got blight, the cattle miscarried, and the people got brain tumors.

It would be easy to dismiss this notion as “old wives tales” except for one thing. The mechanism of how it works has been proven scientifically.

When the sun burns hydrogen, the result is a build-up of helium. When the hydrogen fuel gets low, the sun switches to burning helium. One burns with a yellow flame, the other with a blue flame. The two different fuels cast off different types of radiation, and the blue flame throws off an ultraviolet ray that penetrates the thin human skull and causes cancer that turns into tumors. This happens in other species as well, but the most noticed among humans is what impacts humans.

These ultraviolet rays are not interrupted by sunscreen, but they are interrupted by a substantial layer of matter, such as cotton, straw (the favorite of gardeners ), and thin felt or fur. One layer of close-woven cotton works to stop these rays from entering women’s heads. Hair, for whatever reason, isn’t effective.

This interfaces with the calendar in several ways. First, this change of sun fuel does not follow a schedule that was familiar to the common people in the past, so it is necessary to keep some sort of protection in place at all times, no matter what the sun is doing.

Second, it not only affects the weather, it determines the quality of the greenery on earth, which supports the quantity and quality of the cattle that are the main support of humans.

Third, it was one of the basic objectives of ancient astronomers, who knew what triggered the change and when it was expected to materialize. Kings lost wars and nations failed because the king’s astronomers didn’t know how to predict this change, resulting in them going to war in a time of famine, with deaths unaffiliated with battle among both their troops and their supporting supply lines.

The change from yellow to blue light is also associated with a change in human behavior. People become more aggressive, more selfish, less social, and the local form of “road rage” escalates into “highway robbers” who can’t find any other way to obtain food and shelter in such a miserable economy. This escalates into war at the national level.

Interestingly enough, the Native Americans have prophecies about a “blue star” which could easily refer to the change in the color of sunlight. How that plays out remains to be seen.

The take-away from this information is that it is time to go back to the fashion of wearing hats for humans of all ages and sexes in order to reduce the chances of developing brain tumors. Anyone who doubts we are having an epidemic of brain tumors is invited to look at the statistics beginning in 1900 on through to today to see the sudden rise in the number of tumors being reported.

And, yes, ball caps are very effective against these hostile rays, whether the bill of the cap is worn towards the front or the back. So are wigs of artificial hair.