A Zero Year?


One of the most emotional debates with the least attention given to the facts is the question of whether there is a zero year between BC and AD when translating dates that start with the phrase “In the third year of the reign of XXX.” The fulcrum in the argument seems to be Bishop Usser. What is not considered is that the good Bishop was a very educated and skilled astronomer. He DID put the zero year into the equation, and for good reason. Astronomy requires it.

When counting back, astronomers use this pattern: 3, 2, 1, 0, -1, -2, -3…

There is an interesting history to this conundrum.

History uses the pattern, “In the first year is Darius,…” They never use the pattern, “In the zero year of Darius,…”

The zero became necessary when graphing started in the field of mathematics, to identify the point at which a line touches the limit beyond which it cannot go without a drastic transformation. This condition does not exist in the run of numbers back into time, for the numbers can go beyond 1 AD into the area of BC. There is no wall to stop it.

For the technophiles who may read this, here is the definition of the wall being alluded to. Draw a parabola. Now put numbers on it. The numbers can start anywhere on the line, so let’s pick it up arbitrarily at the +1 point, progressing to the left toward the negative numbers side. The progression reads: +1, +.9, +.8, +.7, +.6, +.5 to infinity in the decimal system, but is much more easily understood written in the fraction format.

+1 (1/1), +1/2, +1/3, +1/4, +1/5, +1/6 to infinity.

But what is “infinity”?

It is the point at which the mathematical point which represents an un-named particle becomes small enough to pass through the outer layer of negative particles of a membrane to be transformed from a particle into a wave by undergoing dominant forces of the electro-magnetic stream into which it enters, either picking up additional energy and being ejected back into the matrix cube in the positive-positive level from which it came or the positive higher energy level above it where it emits the additional energy as heat, radiation or both; or losing energy and being thrust into the negative field on the left side of the membrane, transforming back into a lower frequency of energy than that with which it entered the membrane with the added property of being able to absorb energy from the new environment in order to return to its original energy level.

In plain English, infinity is the membrane that separates the positive particles from the negative particles in physics. It is inert, carries a neutral charge, and acts as a barrier to keep the positive and negative charges from annihilating each other. They are found extensively in such cases as diallel lines, those extensions of ley lines* that extend into outer space and connect every active astral body to every other active astral body. These “active” astral bodies exchange electrical and magnetic charges through “pipes” composed of alternating positive and negative particles separated by these neutral particles. Those that have lost their charge, such as the shattered planet that composes the asteroid belt, have no diallel connections.

Those skeptics who think this is new-age mumbo-jumbo should take a critical look at the work of David Allen, retired from NASA’s timekeeping department, and his research into these diallel lines, as well as classical physics that have identified these neutral particles within the various atomic structures of various elements. Follow up on this with the new theories and applications of “branes” among classical physicists. The only error in their theories is that the matrix within which the extra dimensions work are bounded by a matrix of neutral particles, and all 11 or 22 or however many other dimensions exist are all inside the boundaries of the matrix, not running wildly free outside of it. That is the reason a zero is required when traversing from AD to BCE, because these ley, or diallel, lines are very much active in space.

The zero in astronomy is active, not inert as is commonly believed, nor does it represent “nothing” as is commonly taught. It is the dividing line between opposite states, fulfilling its reputation as the starting point of something different than that which was originally introduced on the other side. As a practical example of the importance of zero being in place, see the lengthy discussion put forward by Ben Zion Wacholder** concerning the timeline of Benedict Zuckermann and others being “one year off”.


*All the ancient henges and astronomical observatories were built in areas where the electro-magnetic activity is far higher than average, including the stone pyramids in South America, as measured recently by Richard C. Hoagland, former adviser to some pretty impressive organizations.