Monthly Archive: March 2018

The Phoenician Influence In Israel

Northern Israel was much more tolerant of other gods [small “g”] than Judah. They allowed temples to be built, priests to practice, the people to choose the form of religion they would accept, and the royalty encouraged these religions by… (READ MORE)

What If? Solomon’s Son And Two Hatshepsuts…

An alternative translation of Hatshepsut is “She who is married to someone other than her brother” and there were only two in Egyptian history. One was the foster mother of Moses. The other was the first wife of Solomon, the… (READ MORE)

Solomon’s Chariot Import/Export Business

The public is generally unaware of the amount of monetary influence the traffic in arms plays in the American economy. There are even fewer aware that there was a precedent for such activity. There is only one line in the… (READ MORE)

The Rise Of Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel

The first mention we have of Jerusalem in the Masoretic Old Testament is when Abraham was returning from recovering Lot and the people of Sodom, and he stopped there and gave some of the spoils of war to Melchizedek. There… (READ MORE)

Northern Israel’s Temples

Jerusalem had the temple that housed the ark, and consequently, the history of the nation through the hereditary priesthood. It also had all the problems attached to hereditary power, including the contempt by the priesthood for the people, calling them… (READ MORE)