Monthly Archive: February 2018

David’s Personal Bodyguards Were Phoenician

Phoenicia was a state without a country. Its superiority was the water, all waters, salt and fresh, all over the known world, so that when the Sea People invaded Egypt, the writings named their places of origin separately. They also… (READ MORE)

Sinkholes Precede Massive Earthquakes

The number of sinkholes appearing all over the earth is increasing, both in number and size. There were no sinkholes of an consequence as recently as the 1950s, so something has changed, but what? The earth is getting ready to… (READ MORE)

Tyre Was The Trading Capital Of Israel

First, please recall that Israel is not Judea, which was a nation that did not exist until after the death of Solomon when the kingdom split into north and south. The nation of Judea continued after Israel was exiled, and… (READ MORE)

David Among The Phoenicians

David was in his 20s when he met and became friends with the Phoenicians in Saul’s court. When David finally fled from Saul, the first thing he did was retrieve Goliath’s sword from his cousin, the priest. The second thing… (READ MORE)