Monthly Archive: November 2017

Economic Impact of the jubilee Cycles

There are eight jubilee years in each Jubilee cycle of 50 years. They consist of seven Land Sabbath years and one Jubilee year (the 50th year of the cycle). In these eight years, no agricultural production is permitted, no cattle… (READ MORE)

King David, The Priest

  David and Goliath makes a great bedtime story to teach children to aspire to bravery, but have you ever heard the adult version? It all started in the Book of Ruth, where Ruth and her sister – does anyone… (READ MORE)

Rivers and People Long Lost

The people of Northern Israel boarded ships that took them up the major rivers as far as ships could sail. Many of those rivers are now dry, but the people are still there. One such example is the population near… (READ MORE)

Northern Israel had its own prophets

Most Christians are familiar with the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, but they are not aware that their message was targeted to Judah, and had nothing to do with Northern Israel. The split in the kingdom after Solomon’s death separated the… (READ MORE)