Monthly Archive: October 2017

When Will The Remnant Return?

We have established that the 10 northern tribes were gathered in a location other than the Middle East. We have defined the most common characteristics of the individual members of the 10 tribes. The next question is, when will the… (READ MORE)

Markers of Judah and Israel

If the people in the Middle East are only the tribe of Judah, how does a person tell the two groups apart? Everyone has heard the saying, “He looks just like his father” at one time or another, but judging… (READ MORE)

The Jews Are Not Israel

The Jews are not Israel. They are only one tribe of the 12 tribes. Here is the way the division works. When the land was divided, Judah was allotted a southern-most portion, then Simeon was given a portion within Judah,… (READ MORE)