Monthly Archive: September 2017

Scrolls at Qumran Listing Priestly Courses

There are three links on this page. They contain translations of documents found in the caves of Qumran relating to the priestly courses and when they occurred, linking them in some cases with the year of the Land Sabbath or… (READ MORE)

Proofs of a Sun-Based Calendar

The sun is the basis of the calendar.  This is confirmed by four factors: the times and dates given in the books of Enoch and Jubilees; the construction of the temple; the sundial of Ahaz; and the necessity of synchronizing… (READ MORE)

Mathematics of the Jubilee Calendar

When most people ask, “What time is it?” they really mean, “What part of the day are we in right at this moment?”  They are interested in the smaller divisions of time, those that structure their activities between getting up… (READ MORE)

Kings and Priests of Israel and Judah

There has been some slight interest in chronology, even though it is in great disarray, concerning the timeline of ancient Israel’s existence. Even the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1911 documents years added or deleted from the “AM” calendar. Others have documented… (READ MORE)