Monthly Archive: August 2017

People of the Sea

Phoenicians or Philistines? Some recent DNA tests say that they are the same people, but were they “way back when?” The answer is, by blood only, not by culture. The Phoenicians were the descendants of Shem from the same area… (READ MORE)

The Straits of Gibraltar

The end of the earth. That’s what the Straits of Gibraltar were to everyone except the Phoenicians. People were terrified to go through them, and for good reason. The waters of the Straits are shallow, the passage is narrow, and… (READ MORE)

Ships of the Ancient Sea-Going Peoples

The boats of the ancient peoples were very sea-worthy, as proven by Thor Heyerdahl’s reed boat, Ra. The first boat – or ship – mentioned in ancient literature was the Ark that carried Noah and his family through the flood…. (READ MORE)

A Nation of Kings and Priests

There is a place in the Old Testament that says Israel will be a nation of kings and priests to the other nations on earth. Israel failed in that job assignment. The nation that was supposed to show the way… (READ MORE)