Monthly Archive: July 2017

The Function of Priests in the Past

There are several differences between the priests today and the priests of the temple periods of both ancient Egypt and ancient Israel. To understand these differences, first we must understand the pre-history of priest-hood in general. Read the books by… (READ MORE)

Ley Lines are the Fabric of Space

Ley lines on earth are relegated to the “woo-woo world” of UFOs and conspiracies, but is this appropriate? In one way, yes, but in other ways, it’s holding us back from greater space exploration. Ley lines are extended on into… (READ MORE)

Why Israel is Hidden in History

There is much confusion among persons searching for Israel in ancient documents and texts. The answer is so simple that people pass by it without noticing it. Israel was a satellite of Phoenicia, the Sea People, the trading nation of… (READ MORE)

Sailing by the Calendar

┬áThe ancient prophecies concerning the calendar said plainly that the calendar would be changed, and that errors would be made concerning the holy days, making a sanctified (holy) day profane and making a profane day holy, disrupting the blessings that… (READ MORE)