Monthly Archive: June 2017

The “Destroyer” of Revelation is…

As noted in the previous post, the counting of the years of the calendar began as a means of knowing when the next catastrophe – a word meaning “destruction from the stars” – is to be expected, and looked at… (READ MORE)

Religion Just Isn’t Relevant Any More – Why?

Elvis Presley’s home was an abandoned church. Other churches are being turned into restaurants, schools, and shopping centers. No One is going to church any more. There is a saying, God hasn’t been to church for decades. Why? Is religion… (READ MORE)

The Blue Star of the Hopi

In the beginning, calendars had days, weeks, and months, but not years. Those were only added after the flood of Noah’s days, and the reason they were added was to be able to track when the next catastrophe was expected…. (READ MORE)

Markers of the descendants of Northern Israel

Some years ago, Darrell Conder wrote a book, Mystery Babylon and the Lost 10 Tribes in the End Times, that claimed Northern Israel could be identified by one consistent marker: They are all Christian of one flavor or another, depending… (READ MORE)

Should Women (or Men) Wear Make-up?

This question is a burning issue in some fundamentalist organizations, so let’s look at the issue from the ancient perspective. The ancient Egyptian women – and men – wore paint around their eyes. They did this because the paint contained… (READ MORE)

The Temple and the Qumran Calendar

It is fairly well understood that the library found at Qumran was associated with the temple in Jerusalem in some way, partly through the list of priests and their times of service, partly through the use of the sun-based calendar… (READ MORE)