Monthly Archive: April 2017

Evidence of the Qumran Calendar in Ancient Egypt

Ahmed Osman was a researcher and writer active in the 1980s concerning the ancient personages whose lives are documented in the Old Testament. He gives various translated passages of ancient Egyptian texts in his books, some of which are extremely… (READ MORE)

King David Was Also A Priest

In order to understand King David, first it is necessary to know who he was, where he was in the social structure, and why he was and is universally hated by the Jewish nation as a whole. David was an… (READ MORE)

Current Observances of the Seasonal Days

First, please notice that every nation on earth recognizes and responds to the change in seasons, most with 4 quarters, Egypt with only 3, and the Arctic region with only 2 (daylight and night). The origin of this practice is… (READ MORE)