Monthly Archive: November 2014

Restricted [Holy] Days in the Qumran Calendar

  Mankind is prone to leaving messages for the generations that follow, and calendars are a great place to write history large. If investigated logically and sequentially by those generations, the Qumran calendar is an entire history book overcoming the… (READ MORE)

Layout of the Qumran Jubilee Calendar

.The Qumran calendar was entirely separate from the moon-based calendar in the temple. Each was kept separately for separate uses. The Qumran calendar was never “luni-solar.” It was purely solar. Every moon-based calendar has to be corrected to the sun-based… (READ MORE)

Day Counts in the Qumran Calendar

The number of days in each year varies according to a variety of factors. Here is the matrix that the astronomers under King Hezekiah’s directions devised to account for those differences that changed after the shadow on the sun dial… (READ MORE)

Earth’s Year Is Not Consistent

  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that each year has exactly 365.2422 days. This is an untrue assumption. The range of days in a year vary by as much as 30 days with an average of… (READ MORE)

Cities in the Pacific Ocean ? Really?

While searching for something entirely different, I came across a site that said there had once been a large and flourishing civilization in what is the Pacific Ocean today. I saved the page and moved on. My research took me… (READ MORE)