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The Legend About the History of the Jubilee Calendar

This is the legend about the history of the Jubilee calendar as pieced together from many sources over decades. The book of Enoch gives the origin of the Jubilee calendar, starting from when Enoch, Noah’s great-grandfather[1] Enoch was taken to… (READ MORE)

How to Read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac

How to Read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac Copyright 2019 M. A. Hook In order to read the Jubilee Calendar Zodiac correctly, first it is necessary to know what it looks like, how it is constructed, and how it moves through… (READ MORE)

To Kaldarhan A. Kambar

In response to your article entitled “KAZAKH NATIONAL CALENDAR By Kaldarhan A. Kambar” posted on, there are great similarities between this calendar and the Hebrew sun-based calendar in use before King Solomon introduced the moon-based calendar, which probably occurred… (READ MORE)

How to Keep the Christian Sabbath Today

The church as we know it today started with Christianity. There were no meeting halls for the public gatherings we call “church” today before that. There were schools on the order of what we see as “Sunday School” rooms and… (READ MORE)

A New Discovery…

There are people on the Internet who are prophesying that a “major, world-changing discovery will be made between Jerusalem and Rome…” If so, it will be discovered in the Mediterranean Sea, because there is very little land along that trajectory…. (READ MORE)

The Location of the Original Temple

There is a lot of discussion today about the work of Walter Martin, who claims that the original temple was built over the Gihon Springs. He didn’t do a thorough job of research, nor did he have the advantage of… (READ MORE)

Calendars and Science

It’s easy to be led down the wrong path by thinking that the calendar is so old that it can’t possibly be useful today. I have personally tracked it for over 20 years, and the seasons have changed within two… (READ MORE)

Calender or Calendar ?

I received this email. It’s obviously an advertisement for some commercial product; however, it makes an interesting study in what is happening to our language as a result of our recent “txt msg 4 u” influences. To: Webmaster Name: xxxxxxxxxxx… (READ MORE)

“I Will Put You Out Of My Sight…”

The people of the northern 10 tribes were emptied out of the land, not by captivity, but by choice. The prophecies given to Moses were not for captivity, but to be emptied out, which indicates the element of choice, not… (READ MORE)

The Phoenician Influence In Israel

Northern Israel was much more tolerant of other gods [small “g”] than Judah. They allowed temples to be built, priests to practice, the people to choose the form of religion they would accept, and the royalty encouraged these religions by… (READ MORE)

What If? Solomon’s Son And Two Hatshepsuts…

An alternative translation of Hatshepsut is “She who is married to someone other than her brother” and there were only two in Egyptian history. One was the foster mother of Moses. The other was the first wife of Solomon, the… (READ MORE)

Solomon’s Chariot Import/Export Business

The public is generally unaware of the amount of monetary influence the traffic in arms plays in the American economy. There are even fewer aware that there was a precedent for such activity. There is only one line in the… (READ MORE)

The Rise Of Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel

The first mention we have of Jerusalem in the Masoretic Old Testament is when Abraham was returning from recovering Lot and the people of Sodom, and he stopped there and gave some of the spoils of war to Melchizedek. There… (READ MORE)

Northern Israel’s Temples

Jerusalem had the temple that housed the ark, and consequently, the history of the nation through the hereditary priesthood. It also had all the problems attached to hereditary power, including the contempt by the priesthood for the people, calling them… (READ MORE)

David’s Personal Bodyguards Were Phoenician

Phoenicia was a state without a country. Its superiority was the water, all waters, salt and fresh, all over the known world, so that when the Sea People invaded Egypt, the writings named their places of origin separately. They also… (READ MORE)

Sinkholes Precede Massive Earthquakes

The number of sinkholes appearing all over the earth is increasing, both in number and size. There were no sinkholes of an consequence as recently as the 1950s, so something has changed, but what? The earth is getting ready to… (READ MORE)

Tyre Was The Trading Capital Of Israel

First, please recall that Israel is not Judea, which was a nation that did not exist until after the death of Solomon when the kingdom split into north and south. The nation of Judea continued after Israel was exiled, and… (READ MORE)

David Among The Phoenicians

David was in his 20s when he met and became friends with the Phoenicians in Saul’s court. When David finally fled from Saul, the first thing he did was retrieve Goliath’s sword from his cousin, the priest. The second thing… (READ MORE)

Israel And Phoenicia Mingled Under King Saul

Most of the kings whose names are known from reading the Jewish writings wouldn’t be able to list 10 good things that they did in their lifetimes. It’s much easier to remember that Saul chased David all over the countryside,… (READ MORE)

The New Silk Road And Tyre: World Trade 3.0

There is a new silk road on the drawing boards, ready to be built. This road is on rails, at least one track in each direction and up to three tracks in each direction in heavily traveled corridors. The trains… (READ MORE)

Take Up Your Harp And Sing, O Tyre…

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot. Take an harp, go about… (READ MORE)

DNA Testing and the Iberian Peninsula

There is a growing movement for people to get their DNA tested, and the results are coming back with some interesting results for persons among the exiles of Israel. Iberia. Why do obvious “white” persons have a small percentage of… (READ MORE)

King Solomon Changed the Calendar

The calendar in use before King Solomon became sea-faring partners with Hiram of Tyre was the sun-based model described in first the Book of Enoch, then the Book of Jubilees. Enoch was first, being an updated version of the description… (READ MORE)

The Zodiac as a Weather Monitor

Global Warming has turned to Global Cooling, with another Maunder Minimum being predicted. If that happens, winter will “run downhill” toward the tropical zones, changing weather patterns in many nations unevenly, often depending on the mountain ranges in the local… (READ MORE)

All Wealth Comes from the Ground

This industrial age in which we live has so divorced the people from the land that our children don’t know that milk comes from cows that eat grass to get the raw materials to make it, or that apples grow… (READ MORE)

The Definition of Money

Money is usually defined as a medium for the storage of wealth, but, like anything else, that function can be corrupted. To understand how the corruption is perpetrated, it is necessary to understand how money fits into the structure of… (READ MORE)

Economic Impact of the jubilee Cycles

There are eight jubilee years in each Jubilee cycle of 50 years. They consist of seven Land Sabbath years and one Jubilee year (the 50th year of the cycle). In these eight years, no agricultural production is permitted, no cattle… (READ MORE)

King David, The Priest

  David and Goliath makes a great bedtime story to teach children to aspire to bravery, but have you ever heard the adult version? It all started in the Book of Ruth, where Ruth and her sister – does anyone… (READ MORE)

Rivers and People Long Lost

The people of Northern Israel boarded ships that took them up the major rivers as far as ships could sail. Many of those rivers are now dry, but the people are still there. One such example is the population near… (READ MORE)

Northern Israel had its own prophets

Most Christians are familiar with the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, but they are not aware that their message was targeted to Judah, and had nothing to do with Northern Israel. The split in the kingdom after Solomon’s death separated the… (READ MORE)

When Will The Remnant Return?

We have established that the 10 northern tribes were gathered in a location other than the Middle East. We have defined the most common characteristics of the individual members of the 10 tribes. The next question is, when will the… (READ MORE)

Markers of Judah and Israel

If the people in the Middle East are only the tribe of Judah, how does a person tell the two groups apart? Everyone has heard the saying, “He looks just like his father” at one time or another, but judging… (READ MORE)

The Jews Are Not Israel

The Jews are not Israel. They are only one tribe of the 12 tribes. Here is the way the division works. When the land was divided, Judah was allotted a southern-most portion, then Simeon was given a portion within Judah,… (READ MORE)

Scrolls at Qumran Listing Priestly Courses

There are three links on this page. They contain translations of documents found in the caves of Qumran relating to the priestly courses and when they occurred, linking them in some cases with the year of the Land Sabbath or… (READ MORE)

Proofs of a Sun-Based Calendar

The sun is the basis of the calendar.  This is confirmed by four factors: the times and dates given in the books of Enoch and Jubilees; the construction of the temple; the sundial of Ahaz; and the necessity of synchronizing… (READ MORE)

Mathematics of the Jubilee Calendar

When most people ask, “What time is it?” they really mean, “What part of the day are we in right at this moment?”  They are interested in the smaller divisions of time, those that structure their activities between getting up… (READ MORE)

Kings and Priests of Israel and Judah

There has been some slight interest in chronology, even though it is in great disarray, concerning the timeline of ancient Israel’s existence. Even the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1911 documents years added or deleted from the “AM” calendar. Others have documented… (READ MORE)

People of the Sea

Phoenicians or Philistines? Some recent DNA tests say that they are the same people, but were they “way back when?” The answer is, by blood only, not by culture. The Phoenicians were the descendants of Shem from the same area… (READ MORE)

The Straits of Gibraltar

The end of the earth. That’s what the Straits of Gibraltar were to everyone except the Phoenicians. People were terrified to go through them, and for good reason. The waters of the Straits are shallow, the passage is narrow, and… (READ MORE)

Ships of the Ancient Sea-Going Peoples

The boats of the ancient peoples were very sea-worthy, as proven by Thor Heyerdahl’s reed boat, Ra. The first boat – or ship – mentioned in ancient literature was the Ark that carried Noah and his family through the flood…. (READ MORE)

A Nation of Kings and Priests

There is a place in the Old Testament that says Israel will be a nation of kings and priests to the other nations on earth. Israel failed in that job assignment. The nation that was supposed to show the way… (READ MORE)

The Function of Priests in the Past

There are several differences between the priests today and the priests of the temple periods of both ancient Egypt and ancient Israel. To understand these differences, first we must understand the pre-history of priest-hood in general. Read the books by… (READ MORE)

Ley Lines are the Fabric of Space

Ley lines on earth are relegated to the “woo-woo world” of UFOs and conspiracies, but is this appropriate? In one way, yes, but in other ways, it’s holding us back from greater space exploration. Ley lines are extended on into… (READ MORE)

Why Israel is Hidden in History

There is much confusion among persons searching for Israel in ancient documents and texts. The answer is so simple that people pass by it without noticing it. Israel was a satellite of Phoenicia, the Sea People, the trading nation of… (READ MORE)

Sailing by the Calendar

 The ancient prophecies concerning the calendar said plainly that the calendar would be changed, and that errors would be made concerning the holy days, making a sanctified (holy) day profane and making a profane day holy, disrupting the blessings that… (READ MORE)

The “Destroyer” of Revelation is…

As noted in the previous post, the counting of the years of the calendar began as a means of knowing when the next catastrophe – a word meaning “destruction from the stars” – is to be expected, and looked at… (READ MORE)

Religion Just Isn’t Relevant Any More – Why?

Elvis Presley’s home was an abandoned church. Other churches are being turned into restaurants, schools, and shopping centers. No One is going to church any more. There is a saying, God hasn’t been to church for decades. Why? Is religion… (READ MORE)

The Blue Star of the Hopi

In the beginning, calendars had days, weeks, and months, but not years. Those were only added after the flood of Noah’s days, and the reason they were added was to be able to track when the next catastrophe was expected…. (READ MORE)

Markers of the descendants of Northern Israel

Some years ago, Darrell Conder wrote a book, Mystery Babylon and the Lost 10 Tribes in the End Times, that claimed Northern Israel could be identified by one consistent marker: They are all Christian of one flavor or another, depending… (READ MORE)

Should Women (or Men) Wear Make-up?

This question is a burning issue in some fundamentalist organizations, so let’s look at the issue from the ancient perspective. The ancient Egyptian women – and men – wore paint around their eyes. They did this because the paint contained… (READ MORE)

The Temple and the Qumran Calendar

It is fairly well understood that the library found at Qumran was associated with the temple in Jerusalem in some way, partly through the list of priests and their times of service, partly through the use of the sun-based calendar… (READ MORE)

Blue Sun, Yellow Sun

Back in the days when women in the United States made their own cotton sun bonnets, they said they wore them whenever they went out for any more than a few minutes because the sun had two phases, a blue… (READ MORE)

Reading the Livers of Animals

One of the strangest customs mentioned in the Hebrew Bible is the custom of armies on the march to stop, kill a local animal and “read the liver.” Strange only to those who don’t understand how it works. That understanding… (READ MORE)

The Astral Internet

Our Internet is not the first. In fact, the original has connected every solid object to its star, and every star to the other stars in the heavens since stars came into existence. This internet consists of “pipes” made of… (READ MORE)

Evidence of the Qumran Calendar in Ancient Egypt

Ahmed Osman was a researcher and writer active in the 1980s concerning the ancient personages whose lives are documented in the Old Testament. He gives various translated passages of ancient Egyptian texts in his books, some of which are extremely… (READ MORE)

King David Was Also A Priest

In order to understand King David, first it is necessary to know who he was, where he was in the social structure, and why he was and is universally hated by the Jewish nation as a whole. David was an… (READ MORE)

Current Observances of the Seasonal Days

First, please notice that every nation on earth recognizes and responds to the change in seasons, most with 4 quarters, Egypt with only 3, and the Arctic region with only 2 (daylight and night). The origin of this practice is… (READ MORE)

A Star Named America

We hear a lot about the “New World” being named after the explorers that allegedly discovered the territory, but is that true? The oceans were the original highways of the ancient world, and held that position until piracy drove them… (READ MORE)

A Zero Year?

One of the most emotional debates with the least attention given to the facts is the question of whether there is a zero year between BC and AD when translating dates that start with the phrase “In the third year… (READ MORE)

The Legacy of the Egyptian Influence on Israel

The continuing study of the history and culture of the ancient nation of Israel is bringing to light more clearly day after day the influences of the two captivities and their influence on the nation as a whole through the… (READ MORE)

The Harbinger uses a sun-based calendar

There is quite a bit of stir resulting from several books about “The Harbinger”. There is one flaw in the theory: the current calendar used in the calculations is moon-based, while there is no “Schmittah” in it. That, translated, is… (READ MORE)

Hannibal’s Story

Hannibal was the military leader of the remnant of the Sea People whose base had originally been at Tyre until the earthquake dropped that port into shallow water. The leader in Tyre was the same King Hiram who partnered with… (READ MORE)

Restricted [Holy] Days in the Qumran Calendar

  Mankind is prone to leaving messages for the generations that follow, and calendars are a great place to write history large. If investigated logically and sequentially by those generations, the Qumran calendar is an entire history book overcoming the… (READ MORE)

Layout of the Qumran Jubilee Calendar

.The Qumran calendar was entirely separate from the moon-based calendar in the temple. Each was kept separately for separate uses. The Qumran calendar was never “luni-solar.” It was purely solar. Every moon-based calendar has to be corrected to the sun-based… (READ MORE)

Day Counts in the Qumran Calendar

The number of days in each year varies according to a variety of factors. Here is the matrix that the astronomers under King Hezekiah’s directions devised to account for those differences that changed after the shadow on the sun dial… (READ MORE)

Earth’s Year Is Not Consistent

  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that each year has exactly 365.2422 days. This is an untrue assumption. The range of days in a year vary by as much as 30 days with an average of… (READ MORE)

Cities in the Pacific Ocean ? Really?

While searching for something entirely different, I came across a site that said there had once been a large and flourishing civilization in what is the Pacific Ocean today. I saved the page and moved on. My research took me… (READ MORE)